In December 2023, DC Greens’ Children and Families Produce Rx pilot ended. This
Produce Rx pilot contributed to joyful mealtimes with nutritious foods for over 300
families living across all eight wards in D.C.

We gained valuable insights from our experience implementing this program. And we
are thrilled to share with you what we learned. We’ve put together a final program
report, which you can access here.

In the report, you’ll find details about the Children and Families Produce Rx pilot,
including its structure, reflections from participants, program outcomes, and points of

For example, when we surveyed program participants about their experience, 95%
reported that their family ate more fruits and vegetables during the program than they
had previously. And 73% said the program increased their motivation to prepare healthy
and affordable meals for their family.

The value of the work we do through our Produce Rx program cannot be overstated.
This pilot made a measurable, meaningful difference in our efforts to ensure all D.C.
residents have access to the fresh, quality food they desire, and we are proud to have
implemented it.


Rita Ackah and Frankie Zavala
Produce Rx at DC Greens

Arab family grocery shopping together, smiling and laughing