Ron Finley, green activist from South Central LA who is known as the ‘Gangsta Gardener’ visited The Well at Oxon Run last Monday, October 24, just hours prior to leading The Last March for Food in D.C. for National Food Day.

Finley toured the farm space and learned about community programming that takes place at The Well, and also shared information about his movement.

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money,” Finley said as he provided DC Greens staff with dollar bills that are a close replica to American currency, but feature Finley’s face, mantra, and seeds of various crops glued to the back.

The bills can be planted directly in soil and are expected to grow the amount of crops equivalent to the “value” indicated on the bill itself. These bills were also planted by Finley and other marchers in the garden that sits across the street from the Federal Reserve following the march.

Read more about the March in an article from WUSA 9 news at this link.

Photo of "Finley bill"