On March 21, The Rhode Island Food Policy Council hosted our Produce Rx Manager, Luisa Furstenberg-Beckman, for a discussion panel. She was joined by panel moderator Alison Tovar of Brown University and fellow panelists Elise Mitchell of Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition, Ronit Ridberg of Tufts University, and Daniel Schultz of The Delta GREENS. 

“It was a pleasure to speak on such a dynamic panel about the current state of Produce Rx,” Luisa reflected after the event. “I’m looking forward to what comes next out of Rhode Island!” 

DC Greens Produce Rx is always working hard to bring this critical programming to our community. For the latest updates and information about Produce Rx at DC Greens, be sure to visit https://dcgreens.org/produce-rx.  

Produce Rx is a Food Is Medicine intervention. Interested in learning more about Food Is Medicine here in D.C.? Find more information and get involved at https://dcgreens.org/advocacy 

DC Greens Luisa Furstenberg-Beckman poses for a photo with other panelists at Rhode Island Food Is Medicine event