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Supporting Wellness,
Inside and Out

At DC Greens, we value collaboration over competition. Our work is stronger when we value a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We are committed to taking the time — and doing the work — to build trust in the community and doing it in a way that centers the people who are most impacted by our decision-making. 

Most importantly, we believe that individual wellness fuels collective wellness, and we strive for a workplace culture that encourages and supports wellness in our employees as we all endeavor to have a positive impact on our city. 

Equity in the Workplace

At DC Greens, we are committed to equity. We know biases exist, so we strive to reduce their impact in our workplace. Learn how we actively aim to create an inclusive and equitable working environment for our employees. 

DC Greens invests in identity caucus facilitators. These individuals support safe spaces dedicated to processing, healing, accountability, and coaching for our employees. Caucuses meet regularly across the year. 

DC Greens maintains a staff-led “Equity Cell.” This is a voluntary group of employees who safeguard equity as a lived organizational value in our workplace. They hold us accountable by ensuring all DC Greens’ policies, processes, programs, and projects are conducted through an equity lens, and that equity is a shared responsibility among all employees. 

DC Greens utilizes a pay equity process (PEP) that centers our organizational principles and culture. Our PEP turns away from a traditional, market-based salary model and instead turns toward an anti-racist reparations model. This model works to reverse racist pay policies and structures and center those who are directly impacted by the work of our organization. In our PEP, we put a greater focus on types of labor that are often undervalued, such as physical labor, emotional labor, and language ability. 

As a result, all DC Greens salaries are non-negotiable. Instead, all employees begin with the same base salary. Then, key areas of responsibility are additionally compensated. Together, these factors are what determine the employee’s salary and ensure just pay practices across the organization. 

Review Our Employee Benefits

25 days of paid time off

100% coverage of employee’s medical and dental

Retirement benefits with 3% employer match for eligible employees

Free access to Healthiest You for employees and their families

Flexible working schedules to promote
work/life balance

Basic life insurance, and long- and short-term disability insurance for full-time employees

Open Positions

DC Greens is not currently offering internships. However, we encourage those interested in getting involved to volunteer or keep an eye on our job openings below. 

Finance Manager

Full-time, salaried

Advisory Board Member

Part-time, temporary

The Well Advisor

Part-time, temporary

The Well Advisor

Part-time, temporary

Executive Director

Full-time, salaried