DC Greens is a proud leader
in the Food Is Medicine movement.

D.C. Food Is Medicine

Food Is Medicine (FIM) uses food-based interventions to help prevent, treat, and manage diet-related chronic illnesses. In the District, we aim to increase access to critical nutrition programs through D.C.’s health care system. 

Food Is Medicine interventions include produce prescriptions—like DC Greens’ Produce Rx program—as well as medically tailored groceries and meals and nutrition incentives. The Food Is Medicine movement aims to integrate these nutrition interventions into health care delivery and financing systems, making sure that individuals have access to a spectrum of nutrition services available to them to meet their individual needs. 

Read our recent Public Comment on the Department of Health Care Finance 1115 Demonstration Renewal Application, advocating for Food Is Medicine interventions. 

Stay Updated on Food Policy Legislation in D.C.

Want to keep up with food policy legislation in the District? The DC Food Policy Council Legislative Tracker highlights food policy in the latest DC Council legislative session. You can monitor updates there. It’s only updated periodically, so be sure to check the date in the tracker title to know when it was last updated. 

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