I love the turning over of a new year. I love new beginnings, milestones, and times to reflect. As I reflect on 2023 and all we did in the Produce Rx program year, I cannot help but feel proud.  

Last year, we reached more than 1,500 families across the District. We expanded our program to include hundreds of groceries stores in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. We completed our one-year Children and Families Produce Rx pilot program, where 385 households spent more than $350,000 purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables to support their health and well-being. In our Adult program, families spent over $600,000 on fresh produce, everywhere from Walmart, to Safeway and Harris Teeter. We ran 10 nutrition education workshops at The Well at Oxon Run in collaboration with our partners at I AM WANDA—building community, sharing recipes, and smelling the Oxon Run flowers.   

And on top of all of that, our dedicated team transitioned our entire program to a new model in June, one that participants were excited about using!  

It wasn’t a quiet or calm year by any means. But I leave 2023 feeling accomplished and eager to continue the work. So, cheers to 2024! May it be full of fresh herbs, heaping plates, loud dinners, and food that warms the soul. 


Luisa Furstenberg-Beckman 

Produce Rx Manager, DC Greens 

Woman's hands as she selects strawberries from the produce section at the grocery store