Healthy food is a human right.

At DC Greens, our mission is to advance health equity by building a just and resilient food system. Founded in 2009, we work to create cross-sector collaborations, advance equitable, city-wide policy solutions, and partner with local residents, advocates, and organizations to improve access to quality, affordable, healthy food in the nation’s capital. 

Our Work

At DC Greens, we work to change the system from the root. Through partnerships, collaboration with the community, and coalitions, we aim to build the food system we desire and deserve. 

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D.C.'s health care system

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Food Is Medicine interventions, like DC Greens’ award-winning Produce Rx program, use food-based interventions to prevent, treat, and manage chronic, diet-related illnesses.   

This approach increases access to critical nutrition through the health care system, ensuring individuals have access to a spectrum of nutrition services that meet their individual health and wellness needs.   

DC Greens is a proud leader in the Food Is Medicine movement. Learn more about our work to expand access to this transformative approach to food equity work. 



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