October Farm to School Partner Highlight


Jordan Carter is the Education Coordinator for DC Greens and point of contact for DC Greens’ School Garden Market program. In his role, he co-manages 20 Market Champions, and coordinates SGM logistics with the 14 participating SGM Managers, and the Common Market. This month we asked him, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha moment?” Here’s his reply:

Cultivating a school garden is a very special thing. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents alike are brought together to reap the fruits of their labor, or bliss of what their child or student was able to grow and harvest. While implementing an 8-week nutrition intervention with 90 fourth grade students in Whittier, California the students and I were able to transition an eye sore into a green space for the school community. While this intervention got many of students to think about the food growth process, nutrition, and connected them and their families to farmers in the region, I wish I could have given the students so much more.

As the Education Coordinator with DC Greens, I’ve been able to champion the School Garden Market program logistics with SGM Managers and the Common Market to ensure students can deepen their connection to healthy food via a student run farmers’ market. Interacting with SGM managers and students during site visits to SGM’s and school cafeterias across the district has enabled me to continue the work I discovered in California, and support change makers of all ages. I’m thrilled this Fall 2017 SGM season is off to a great start, and that students across the district are gaining hands on experiences growing, procuring, and selling healthy food to their school communities.