May Farm to School Partner Highlight

Malka Roth is the Lead Educator and Coordinator at City Blossoms in Washington, DC. In her role, she gets students excited about the outdoor classroom and empowers them through garden education.

IMG_6825This month we asked her, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha’ moment?”

Here’s her reply:

My farm to school ‘aha’ moment took place several years ago while I was working in upstate New York at a non-secure juvenile detention facility. I was teaching for their summer program as well as working as an enrichment coordinator, connecting local organizations and opportunities for growth to the young men who lived at the facility.

During the summer we were able to get approval to travel to a nearby college one day a week and work with them on their newly established farm. For all of my students, most of whom came from New York City, this was a new experience.

This was also my first time stepping onto a farm. We were all blown away, finding joy in picking spicy radishes from the earth, stepping close to their beehives and bringing back yellow watermelon for everyone to enjoy. It was during those afternoons that I saw students who struggled to stay focused and engaged in the classroom excited by everything around them. It was in those moments that I began to see the potential of nature as a classroom.