Market Managers & Vendors


Make sure that you are authorized by the DC Department of Health to receive WIC, Senior FMNP, and Produce Plus checks so that as the funding for farmers’ market nutrition incentive programs expands from the city and the USDA you are ready to meet the growing demand.

To become a WIC and Senior FMNP (updated guidebook forthcoming) and Produce Plus approved vendor:

    1. Contact Amelia Peterson-Kosecki at DC Department of Health to request the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) vendor agreement and application. There is not a separate agreement and application for Produce Plus vendors in 2017.
    2. Attend one of the required upcoming trainings:
      March 8, 2017 at the RISE Center in Washington, DC (combined DC/MD WIC training)
      March 14, 2017 in Annapolis, MD (combined DC/MD WIC training)
      April 19, 2017 at DC Department of Health in Washington, DC (DC only WIC training)


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for these programs?

If you meet these criteria, you are. Learn more about the 2016 timeline for approval (updated timeline forthcoming).

May I only apply to the Produce Plus Program?

No. All farmers who receive Produce Plus must also be certified to accept WIC and Senior FMNP (contact to receive the application form).

What is my “PPP Farm Number” or “Farm Number”?

If you are a new applicant, this number will be provided to you AFTER you apply. Please leave the box blank. If you are a returning participant in the program, this number is on file with the DC Department of Health.

What is the Farmer on Wheels program?

Learn more about the Farmer on Wheels program here. Any additional questions can be sent to Amelia Peterson-Kosecki at the District Department of Health,

How else can I get involved?

If you’re interested in developing a relationship with a school either for procurement, field trips, or anything else, please contact Lea Howe, our Farm to School Director, at 

Market Managers

The application for the 2017 Produce Plus Program is now available. There have been some important adjustments to the program this year to better align with the strategic goals of the DC Department of Health. 

The two largest changes to the program are:

1) Checks distribution will be limited to markets with the highest need or least access to fresh food. The checks can still be used at markets across the city, however only farmers’ markets and farm stands that meet the requirements listed above will be considered for distribution sites. (Note: The DC Department of Health reserves the right to determine which markets operate in Agency-identified pockets of high need)

2) In an effort to meet customer demand, all distributing markets must meet minimum stocking requirements (i.e., must have at least 10 items available, and must be able to serve at least 50 customers per week).

Please read through the qualification list below carefully:

  1. Are you a farmers market (or farm stand) located in an area of the city with high need?
  2. Is the market open to the public AND does it have stable, predictable hours of operation?
  3. Will your market have an average of at least 10 items AND the ability to serve at least 50 customers each week throughout the season?
  4. Does your market have at least one vendor that is certified (or will become certified) to receive WIC FMNP, Senior FMNP, and Produce Plus checks?
  5. Does your market have other revenue streams aside from Produce Plus  (e.g. cash, WIC FMNP, Senior FMNP, credit, debit) for the market in addition to Produce Plus, or a clear outreach plan to increase other revenue streams to at least 25% of total market revenue?
  6. If you are an individual farm stand that meets the requirements above, do you have a designated distributing entity to distribute checks on-site (or in very close proximity) during market hours?

Applicants must answer “Yes” to all questions above in order to be approved for the 2017 Produce Plus season. If you answered “No” to any of the questions, you will not be approved as a distributor for the 2017 season.

If you were an on-site distributor for a farm stand in 2016 and plan to continue your partnership, the market operator should complete this application and will designate you as the distribution point of contact for 2017.

Prior to completing the application please review the draft Produce Plus Distributor Program Manual . You will be required to indicate that you have read and understood this manual prior to submitting your application.


Applications due by March 24, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the DC Farmers Market Collaborative?

To join the DC Farmers Market Collaborative, please contact or Lauren Badger (

The D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative was convened in 2006 by D.C. Hunger Solutions to increase access to fresh produce for low income residents. Since then the D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative has seen a rapid expansion in the number of farmers’ markets in the city, from 25 in 2006 to 45 in 2015, and with it an expansion in access. Today more than 40 of the city’s farmers’ markets accept SNAP and more accept WIC and Senior benefits!

The D.C. Farmers Market Collaborative is co-convened by D.C. Hunger Solutions and D.C. Greens and works on a variety of issues, including increasing fresh food access and partnering with city leaders and government agencies to support farmers’ markets in D.C.