March Farm to School Partner Highlight

Kristen Rowe is the Nutrition and Compliance Specialist at DCPS Food and Nutrition Services in Washington, DC. In her role, she ensures DCPS meals are compliant with the National School Lunch and Breakfast program. Learn more about her farm to school ‘aha’ moment here!


This month we asked her, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha’ moment?” Here’s her reply:

My farm-to-school “aha” moment came early in my career as a dietitian when I was working for the Arkansas Department of Education’s Child Nutrition Unit. I was observing my first Fresh Fruit and Vegetable program, and the kids were commenting that they had never seen a whole carrot. When I was growing up, my grandparents had a farm and a garden, so I was regularly exposed to the process of taking food from a plant to the plate. I had taken these experiences for granted, and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized not all kids have the same opportunity I had to eat fresh, nutritious foods. From that moment forward, I made it my mission to continue educating children on nutrition and the journey food takes from the garden to the kitchen to the table. The more exposure and hands-on experience kids have with growing their own food, the more likely they are to eat healthy and establish positive, lifelong behaviors.