January DC Farm to School Partner Highlight

Patrick McDermott is the DC Program Manager for Common Threads. In his role, he partners with schools and community-based organizations in underserved areas across the District to teach kids how to cook and eat healthy meals. patrick

This month we asked him, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha’ moment?” Here’s his reply:

Before I came to Common Threads, I worked in a few different restaurant kitchens throughout DC, and one of the biggest things I learned was that fresh ingredients are essential to putting out the best possible product. We worked directly with the farmers and producers to get fresh ingredients whenever possible because customers demand the highest quality. When I started teaching nutrition in schools as a Chef Instructor for Common Threads, I saw that schools haven’t made that same connection yet for the food they serve their students. It just seemed like common sense to me that in order to help children be the best version of themselves, then you need to make sure you feed them the best food we can offer them.