Food Access Resources

Produce Plus
The Produce Plus Program helps District residents access fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables by providing $10 per household, twice per week, to spend on fresh fruit and vegetables at farmers’ markets across the region.

Any DC resident who receives SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), WIC, Grocery Plus (formerly known as CSFP), Medicaid, Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), SSI disability, or TANF is eligible. Produce Plus is a DC Department of Health program. DC Greens is implementing the program in 2017 with a grant award from the DC Department of Health.

The 2017 Produce Plus Program will begin on June 1. To learn more about the program and find a participating location near you, check out the Produce Plus map below:

DC Farmers’ Market Map 2017

Community Food Guides
These are resource maps that DC Greens has developed in partnership with other actors in the food sector. The resource maps are a companion to the DC Food Finder and can be found in the community at a variety of service organizations, including WIC clinics, health clinics, community and senior centers, food pantries, and referral sites! If you are interested in accessing physical copies of this resource please contact Dominique Hazzard. Download the digital files here:

Ward 1 Food Resources Map and Ward 1 Community Food Guide
Ward 2 Food Resources Map and Ward 2 Community Food Guide
Ward 3 Food Resources Map and Ward 3 Community Food Guide
Ward 4 Food Resources Map and Ward 4 Community Food Guide
Ward 5 Food Resources Map and Ward 5 Community Food Guide
Ward 6 Food Resources Map and Ward 6 Community Food Guide
Ward 7 Food Resources Map and Ward 7 Community Food Guide
Ward 8 Food Resources Map and Ward 8 Community Food Guide

Ward 1 Food Resources Map (Spanish) and Ward 1 Community Food Guide (Spanish)

Using Your Federal Benefits
To find our where you can use your federal benefits at DC farmers’ markets, explore the map below:

Farmers’ Market Location Poster

The Produce Plus Program has been a great success, connecting low-income District residents to fresh produce at farmers’ markets in all 8 Wards of the city. Perhaps the program’s biggest accomplishment was demonstrating the demand for fruits and vegetables.

For a complete review of our findings, see the resources below:
2015 Produce Plus Data Report
2014 Produce Plus Infographic
2014 Produce Plus Data Report