Farm to School Resources

Produce Spotlights
October 10, 2013
Developed by DC Greens, this guide provides instructional resources on many of the fruits and vegetables served in D.C.’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) so that snack time can serve as a teachable moment.

Healthy Schools Act Annual Report 2013
July, 31 2013
In compliance with the Health Schools Act, the Office of the State Superintendent released a report on the state of farm to school initiatives and school garden efforts for the 2013 fiscal year.

F(un)cook Book
May 2013
Developed by Registered Dietitian, Catherine Kling Nourse, the F(un)cook Book is a guide to assist School Garden Coordinators, teachers, students and families prepare easy, nutritious, and tasty items harvested from your very own school garden. It’s designed to showcase the fresh, raw nature of the foods that are grown in our gardens, hence the title “uncook” book.

Farm to School: A Tool for Success with the New Nutrition Standards
November 2012
This fact sheet developed by the National Farm to School Network discusses the new nutrition standards rolled out in July 2012 with ideas of how farm to school activities can support changes in the cafeteria.

Strengthening F2S Programs Report
September 2012
This policy brief overviews the benefits of F2S and the history of the development of local and state F2S programs and legislation. Washington, DC is one of four case studies profiled in the report with attention to the Healthy Schools Act.

Healthy Schools Act Annual Report 2012
June 2012
In compliance with the Health Schools Act, the Office of the State Superintendent released a report on the state of farm to school initiatives and school garden efforts for the 2012 fiscal year.

DC Farm to School Directory
May 2012
Schools want farm-fresh, local food to serve in their school meals, and growers want a steady, reliable market for their products. We created the DC Farm to School directory to help them connect! This directory provides the basic information to help farms and schools develop economic relationships that work for both sides, and to create educational opportunities for students.

Seasonality Chart
Spring 2012
An excellent visual of what’s in season throughout the year in the DC area.

The Benefits of Farm to School
Farm to School programs provide a variety of benefits to students, parents, schools, communities and farmers. This resource from the National Farm to School Network provides a snapshot of how these benefits play out.

A Guide to Purchasing and Serving Local Foods in Schools
March 2010
Designed to help schools and food service providers find cost-effective ways to serve healthy, local foods in school meals, this guide suggests ways to incorporate local foods into the school cafeteria by offering menu planning tips, seasonal recipes, and mechanisms for purchasing food locally. An excellent document to learn the nuts and bolts of integrating local food into school meals.

School Meals in the Healthy Schools Act
This document breaks down the nutrition and access requirements in the Healthy Schools Act that school meals must meet in order to qualify for an extra 10 cent per meal reimbursement, and the farm to school requirements to get an extra 5 cent per meal reimbursement.

DC School Lunch 101
An overview of the National School Lunch Program, including both federal and local school lunch reimbursements, this document outlines the flow of funding for school meals from the federal level to individual schools in Washington, DC. A helpful introductory resource for those unfamiliar with the logistics of school meal funding in DC.