December Farm to School Partner Highlight

Kaamilah Mitchell is the FoodCorps service member at Friendship International Public Charter School: Woodridge Elementary. In her role, she helps run Friendship’s School Garden Market and leads farm to school programming for students. This month we asked her, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha’ moment?” Here’s her reply:

My two years of working with FoodCorps in D.C have been amazing, to say the least. I’ve had the pleasure of working with different students of all ages and taste buds. My ‘aha’ moment came at the end of last school year. Throughout the year we had tried an array of different fruits and vegetables. Most kids were hesitant to try all of these unfamiliar and different foods, but by the end of the year, they were excited to try diverse things. During our last lesson and meal together one student proudly exclaimed: “This taste better than McDonald’s!” It was then I realized food education and access is a marathon, not a sprint. With constant support and resources, we can transform students thinking about food. With programs like DC Greens School Garden Market, students are not only able to grow and try fruits and vegetables in school, but they are then able to buy and take these foods home to create a healthy meal.