Attention Produce Plus customers:

The last day to get Produce Plus checks this season is Sunday, September 4th. Produce Plus checks will not be distributed after this date.

Customers may spend their Produce Plus checks at farmers’ markets through November 30th, 2016. After November 30, all Produce Plus checks will expire. SNAP, WIC, and cash are accepted at all farmers’ markets.


Atención a los clientes de Produce Plus:

El último día para obtener cheques de Produce Plus esta temporada es el domingo, 4 de septiembre. Cheques de Produce Plus no serán distribuidas después de esta fecha.

Los clientes pueden gastar sus cheques de Produce Plus en los mercados agrícolas a través de 30 de noviembre de 2016. Después del 30 de noviembre todos los cheques de Produce Plus expirarán. SNAP, WIC, y dinero en efectivo son aceptados en todos de los mercados de agricultores.






In order to serve more people, Produce Plus customers will be limited to getting checks two times per week (Sunday – Saturday). Customers still get $10 per household each time. This program is first-come first-serve, while supplies last. SNAP, WIC, and cash accepted at all farmers markets.

Aviso Importante Comenzando Julio 26 2016
Para poder servir a mas familias, el programa de Produce Plus sera limitado a dos veces por semana (Domingo – Sabado). Los clientes seguiran obteniendo $10 por familia, cada vez. Este programa es para las primeras personas que lleguen, hasta que se agote. Estampillas se Comida, WIC y dinero en effective son aceptados en todos los mercados de granjeros.

重要通知: 2016年7月26号有效
为了服务更多人,Produce Plus (蔬菜水果补充计划) 限制每位顾客每个星期领两次支票 (星期天至星期六)。每个家庭还是每次收到$10。这个项目是先到先得,发完为止。所有的农贸市场都收 SNAP(食品卷),WIC(妇女儿童特别补充营养计划)和现金。


Produce Plus is a program funded in part by the DC Department of Health and administered by DC Greens.

Eligible DC residents can receive $10 worth of Produce Plus checks each time they visit a distributing DC farmers’ market, up to two times per week. This program is first-come first-serve, while supplies last. Produce Plus checks can be spent on fresh fruit, vegetables, and cut herbs at over 50 farmers markets across the city. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can help fuel your body with needed vitamins and nutrients, help you reduce your risk for some chronic illnesses (including type 2 diabetes), and help you manage your weight.

Produce Plus distribution starts on June 1st, and checks expire on November 30th.



You are eligible for Produce Plus if you are a DC resident and receive one of the following benefits:


To learn how to start receiving any of these benefits, contact DC Hunger Solutions.

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1) Choose from one of the markets that distribute Produce Plus.

2) Find the Produce Plus volunteers at the farmers’ market’s information booth.

3) Show 1) a DC photo ID and 2) an EBT card, Medicaid card, WIC ID folder, senior vouchers, or SSI card.

4) You will receive two $5 Produce Plus checks. Spend the checks on fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, or cut herbs at your favorite DC farmers’ market! Remember to spend your checks before they expire on November 30th.

5) Get more checks! You can get Produce Plus checks at more than one market per week. We encourage you to shop every week for fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables at your farmers’ market.


You can get Produce Plus checks at farmers  markets across the city, and spend them at even more! Check out the Produce Plus guide for a list of markets across the city in English or in Spanish.




Check out the gallery below to see examples of what customers have gotten at the farmers’ market with Produce Plus at DC farmers markets. To see your own purchases on the page, tag your Instagram or Twitter photos with #produceplusdc!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I eligible to receive Produce Plus? DC residents who receive SNAP (EBT/food stamps), WIC, TANF, Senior Grocery Plus (CSFP), SSI disability, and Medicaid are eligible to get Produce Plus checks.
  2. Do I have to spend my Produce Plus checks today at this market? No. You can spend your Produce Plus checks with any fruit and vegetable vendor at a DC farmers’ market that has a “Get Fresh” sign. Farmers’ markets with these vendors are listed in the red Produce Plus brochure. Checks expire on November 30, 2016.
  3. Can I receive Produce Plus checks more than once a week from different sites? Yes! You can get $10 per distribution site per household up to two times per week.
  4. When is the latest I can spend my Produce Plus checks? Produce Plus checks must be spent by November 30th.
  5. How do I sign up for SNAP? To learn about eligibility for SNAP (food stamps), contact DC Hunger Solutions at 202-­640­-1088 or visit or and click “Apply for Benefits” under “Economic Security”. You will need to fill out an application and turn it into an Economic Security Administration Service Center near you (locations can be found at or
  6. How do I sign up for WIC? To learn about eligibility for WIC, contact the DC Department of Health’s WIC Office online ( or by phone at 202-442-9397. You can fill out a pre-screening tool ( to find out if you are eligible for the DC WIC program, or visit a WIC Health Clinic near you!
  7. What can I buy with Produce Plus checks? You can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh cut herbs, and mushrooms from approved vendors with Produce Plus checks. You’ll know the vendor is approved because they’ll have a “Get Fresh” sign at their stand.
  8. What should I do if I would like a proxy to pick up my checks? Go to a distribution location with the person you are identifying as your proxy to register them as your proxy for the Produce Plus Program. At that time you need to bring your DC photo ID and qualifying DC program identification (e.g. EBT card, WIC folder, Medicaid insurance card, Senior FMNP checks, or Medicare QMB insurance card) AND the person you are designating as your proxy needs to bring their photo ID card (e.g. driver’s license or non-driver’s license photo identification). If you are homebound or disabled and cannot visit a market to register your proxy, please call 202-888-4834 and a DC Greens staff member will arrange a home registration visit. Customers can have their proxy pick up checks for them up to two times per week.
  9. What’s the catch? No catch! You don’t have to spend anything to receive Produce Plus checks. We do strongly encourage you to spend your WIC FMNP and CVV checks as well as your Senior FMNP checks at the farmers’ market. Many markets offer bonus programs if you spend those checks and/or food stamps!