Farmers’ Market Brigade

Volunteer to help increase food access in your neighborhood.

Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteers help distribute Produce Plus checks at all of the District’s neighborhood farmers’ markets. Through the Produce Plus program, DC residents who receive SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, TANF, Grocery Plus, or SSI Disability can receive $10 per household twice per week to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables! Volunteers are a vital part of the program and helped distribute Produce Plus checks at neighborhood farmers’ markets during the 2016 season.

Produce Plus check distribution ended on September 4, 2016. Check back in the Spring for information about joining the Farmers’ Market Brigade for the 2017 Farmers’ Market season. If you are still interested in volunteering with us this Fall, please check out our opportunities on the K Street Farm.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Brigade

Questions about volunteering with the Farmers’ Market Brigade? Email Brittany at

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STEP 1: Attend a 2016 training

All Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteers must attend a training this year — even if you volunteered last year! Trainings were held over the summer, and due to the end of Produce Plus check distribution on September 4, 2016 trainings for the 2017 season will resume in the Spring.

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STEP 2: Sign up for shifts at farmers’ markets

Though Produce Plus check distribution has ended, 2016 Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteers are still needed at several markets in the city to distribute FVRx through November 2016.

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Banner photo credit: Caitlin Sanders