Farmers’ Market Brigade

Volunteer to help increase food access in your neighborhood.

Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteers help distribute Produce Plus checks at participating neighborhood farmers’ markets in DC. Through the Produce Plus program, DC residents who receive SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, Medicare QMB, TANF, Grocery Plus (Senior CSFP), or SSI Disability can receive $10 twice per week to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables!

In 2016, 13,400 District residents participated in the Produce Plus Program with the help of almost 200 Farmers’ Market Brigade Volunteers! Volunteers are a vital part of the program and will help distribute Produce Plus checks at neighborhood farmers’ markets from June through September in 2017.

If you are passionate about fresh food and wish to be an active community member in your neighborhood, then we need your help! As a volunteer, you will:

    • Attend one, 2-hour volunteer training session
    • Commit to 5 volunteer market shifts (or more!) between June and September (2-4 hours each)
    • Distribute Produce Plus checks at participating farmers’ markets while providing excellent customer service and care to all farmers’ market customers
    • Provide excellent customer service and care to all farmers’ market customers


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Why volunteer?
Multi-year Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteer Lorna Fleming says “I think it’s fun to meet new people and go new places! I keep an open mind because we’re all in this situation together and who knows what a smile will spark up in others.”

And Adrienn Dove thinks “We need to volunteer in our communities and ask our neighbors to help! You never know who you might meet and the connections that might make. I like to take time to share joy and enthusiasm with others!”

Juanita Blessingame says “I enjoy meeting [Produce Plus] customers and being able to help them meet some of their nutrition needs. DC Greens has provided well trained and people-focused volunteers, as well as a very supportive and cooperative environment for working with the Farmers’ Market Managers.”

Indra Books says “I love working with our customers and helping them get access to more fresh food. They are as invested in us as we are in them because we get to know our customers at the Petworth Community Market.”

Questions about volunteering with the Farmers’ Market Brigade? Email Mary Alice Reilly at or find more information on our Frequently Asked Questions about the Brigade page.

Produce Plus check distribution will begin on June 1, 2017 and end on September 30, 2017. Sign-up for volunteer trainings and market shifts today (links below)!

STEP 1: Attend a 2017 training

All Farmers’ Market Brigade volunteers must attend a training this year — even if you volunteered last year! Trainings for the 2017 season will begin in May, and many will be held at our office in Dupont Circle: 2000 P St NW, Suite 240, Washington D.C. 20036.

We also hold trainings across the city, so keep an eye on our calendar to find one near you!

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STEP 2: Sign up for shifts at farmers’ markets

Produce Plus check distribution will begin June 1, 2017! There are markets across DC on Tuesdays – Sundays at all different hours, so you can pick shifts that work for your schedule. We ask that volunteers commit to volunteering at at least 5 market shifts throughout the course of the season (June – September). Shifts are between 2-4 hours long. Your shifts can all be at the same market, or you can volunteer at different markets across the city!

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Banner photo credit: Caitlin Sanders