August Farm to School Partner Highlight


Roxanne Bentley is the Enrichment Resource Teacher and School Garden Manager at Murch Elementary. In her role, she enriches students knowledge of Farm to School, and provides an opportunity for students to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

This month we asked her, “When was your Farm to School ‘aha’ moment?” Here’s her reply:

“Having a school market garden is a very special thing.  It attracts all types of students.  You have your business acumen types, your marketers, your garden stand sellers, but mostly you have a venue for kids to learn what it means to move produce from farm to table. And as the students at Murch have learned, it is a process that does not always guarantee a strong profit.  For example, what was a good seller one week, may or may not be the next week.  SGM created opportunities for students to be flexible in their market plans, including growing herbs so they would be super fresh for market; and handing out recipes for “unusual” vegetables.  We can’t wait to go at it again this Fall.”